a Dolphin Dentist | Going to a Dentist become taught aloud | Hygiene for Kids (also SHARKS!)

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a Dolphin Dentist | Going to a Dentist become taught aloud | Hygiene for children (also SHARKS!) Flossy is a immense white shark who does NOT enjoy a immense white smile. But she’s SCARED to head to a dentist, also a dentist is panicked of her! Can dolphin & shark overcome their fears? KidTime StoryTime is going below a sea to spy!

Or no longer it is a immense image e-book that makes use of humor also no doubt one of lot toothiest creatures ever to display what happens must youre DON’T capture true care of your enamel also how a talk about with to a dentist could perchance well furthermore furthermore become comfortable also exciting. Our enjoy Tibby Tiburon could perchance well furthermore honest become loads adore Flossy within a e-book…

Written by Cheryl DaVeiga also illustrated by Luis Peres!


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0: 29 Vocab
9: 12 Dentist makes true
11: 56 Factual of a narrative


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